Lome Irwin Real Estate Team

Real Estate Team

  1. You’ve decided it’s time to buy a home.
  2. Establish your affordable price range, desired location(s) and desired/required features.
  3. Choose a sales representative who you feel comfortable working with and who you feel is there to provide YOU with the best service possible.
  4. Our team will source out & inspect available homes, then show you suitable homes as they become available, therefore saving you from seeing a lot of houses that aren’t right for you and missing excellent properties which sell before they are advertised on public portals, or do not have “Open Houses”.
  5. Once we’ve helped you find an outstanding home, we will prepare the offer with you. This key document must cover all details that are important to you. You will also need to submit a deposit with the offer; typically this is a certified cheque or bank draft.
  6. Our team will negotiate on your behalf with the sellers and their REALTOR. There may be several stages to the negotiations.
  7. Once the deal is made, our team will arrange for a home inspection (if required), refer you to a mortgage professional to assist with financing, and aid in communicating with your lawyer. We will take care of any paperwork required to “firm” the deal (e.g., Waivers of conditions, amendments, etc.), ensure you are satisfied with all conditions, and finalize the transaction.
  8. Your lawyer will do all of the things necessary to prepare for the closing of the transaction.
  9. Prepare to move to your new home.
  10. You take possession of your new home on the closing day. Your main expenses will be:
    • Land transfer taxes payable to the Provincial and Municipal Governments
    • Legal fees
    • Moving costs
    • Purchase Price (less the deposit)